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Ginkgo carpet

Ginkgo carpet

Unique tree in its genus and species, the golden Ginkgo biloba leaves decorate delicately the grass in a courtyard protected from the wind.


There should be a National Day of Having-a-beer-with-your-brother

There should be a National Day of Having-a-beer-with-your-brother

To all of you who have siblings, I hope you can share with them some good moments.

Fortunately, from time to time, my brother and me enjoy some nice chats, and in this occasion, we shared few beers too in Czech Republic.

Midsummer night’s dream

My eyes are closed. I can feel the soft breeze caressing my hair and the sunshine warming up my wet back. This is just amazing… I can hear people talking and laughing. Now there is a distinct voice, I pay attention. Yes, someone is calling me. I open my eyes to look towards the voice, but all the lights are slowly fading away. Like I was in a theater and the workers were closing it, but they forgot me, they didn’t see I was still there. They removed the scenario, plugged off one by one the lights, and turned off the heater. Closing and locking the theater from outside. In the entrance, a hand written note “We will reopen next season”. 

Next season means they don’t know when exactly. A group of hipster-like people has to decide the new plays, the dates, maybe the theater need some maintenance? Indeed, some money is needed for the reparation of the actor’s rooms. They will try to involve some big name too, theaters need more public. 

In the mean time, I am inside, still with my mouth half open, about to say a sentence that I already forgot. Like waking up from hypnosis, I close my mouth and after getting used to the dark, I slowly look around, the other actors are gone too. How the hell I didn’t see them leaving? Why they didn’t say nothing to me? I go for my jacket, my purse and leaving my emotions in the stage, I take the stairs up, to the costume’s room. Fortunately there is one of those emergency lights on. I love the costume’s room. I take off my clothes and put them on a metal bistro chair. I touch the different fabrics around me. In this darkness I cannot see them properly, but I know them very well. Oh great! My first one, the Midsummer night’s dream fairy, Peaseblossom’s dress.

I take it, still looks beautiful, perfect, as when I used it. I put it again,  fit nice on me despite all the years. In the darkness it is difficult to appreciate the details, so I follow the embroidery with my hand. In a corner I find a pile of huge pillows that we actors use for rest in between acts. I make a hill with them and I place myself in the middle, curled in my Peaseblossom’s dress. Next season, eh? What a surprise when they will find out a fairy has been sleeping there all this time! I don’t want to miss their face of surprise. But by now… let’s sleep. How was the part of the play I liked most…?

Anchor in the present

This morning I woke up like I slept for a long time. I was confused. I woke up wishing for past events repeat again, hoping for future events that are in my mind will happen.

The “here and now” tells us about mindfulness, the awareness of the present moment. The past and future distractions make me feel like I am pulled from two ropes in opposite directions, like I am thinning, spread too much, and to regain the center I need an anchor in the present to let go the past-rope and the future-rope. Sometimes it is not easy.

Today my anchor was… the shower! Simple, isn’t it? Nothing better than pay attention to clean carefully the body. Actually I use it often as anchor.

Do you have any special present-anchor?

” As a man thinketh, so he is” James Allen

I am sure most of you may know this quote from James Allen. I really believe that the thoughts we generate in our minds have the power of build and create (also destroy) who we are. It is a beautiful, powerful and easy statement.

From time to time I remind myself his words, and today is one of those reminding days.

Because being is not a static, but a rather dynamic process. To be is a flow of different beings. As our thoughts flow in our mind is as we are in our life. 



Whenever I see this photo, I always look at it wondering who was there having some sparkling wine and water. Even more, what were they talking about? Were they chitchatting or deep thoughts filled their minds? Did they choose the bar randomly ? Are they now having dinner inside?

Inside, people, sound, light, food. Outside, nobody, silence, shadow, empty glasses. Two different time lines in a frame.

Soft words

Soft words

Few months ago, surfing the internet, happened that I read a tale I really liked. I tried to find who wrote it, even find it again, but so far, no success.

I guess it comes from India or at least it has roots in yoga or Buddhism… Here goes my version:

The master asked to his disciples “Do you know why two people whom are angry shout to each other?”.
One of the disciples answered “Maybe it is to make the other person understand better why he is so angry”.
The master replied “Then why doesn’t he talk as usual, considering the other person is not deaf? They shout to each other because it is in anger where our hearts are far away. In order to be sure our hearts can listen to each other when we are angry, we need to shout. The opposite happens when two people love each other, they usually talk very soft, sometimes they do not need neither to talk as their hearts are so close that they understand without words.”

I wish you all soft conversations!

Give me sunshine!

Give me sunshine!

After checking the weather forecast for today and the next few days… looks like there was a shortage in weather symbols, just grey clouds, monotonous, thick, grey clouds.

Is it too much ask for Sun at least every two or three days?

Anyway, I took this photo last March in the Anti-Atlas, Morocco. The first day of spring (and sunny)!