What’s in a number?

Lately I was wondering about our age, the number I mean, me for example I am 32 years old, but what does it mean actually? What’s in a number?

As a tree looked from far away seems homogeneous, we too, head, trunk and four limbs, but observed in detail the tree has maybe longer branches in one side than in another, perhaps some roots are deeper because of the availability of water in the soil, more likely it will grow more green leaves from the side were the Sun reaches it and so on. In my point of view we are somehow the same. I am 32 because the Earth have completed 32 times the orbit around the Sun while I have been living on it (and I still live on Earth, so you know), but parts of me are still immature and one could say I am childish or teenager, as well as some other aspects of me maybe reflect a more mature character, more than 32. I would say this imbalance is even natural, grow at the same speed and reach the same level of maturity in all aspects of our lives looks to me non human, but rather a pc update.

Nevertheless, as wise people say, balance is a virtue, so work towards a proper balance in our lives may be beneficial for our personal development.


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