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To rent

To rent

Lovely loft, full of light, on a tree. Ideal for couples. Preferably birds. Amazing views to the garden and human life.


Sant Jordi and Saint-Exupéry


Today is Saint George, a special day in the region I was born (Catalunya, in Spain). In short, the legend tells Saint Gorge defeated a dragon to save a princess (quite cheese actually), and from the blood of the dragon a bush of roses grew. Saint Gorge gave to the lady one of those roses, and in return she gave him a book.

We celebrate it as the lover’s day, traditionally women received a rose, and men received a book. An exchange sign of their mutual love. However, nowadays everybody receives a book, at least one, and women still receive a rose, although not always the flower. Can be whatever creative item with a rose on it, for example a foulard with rose motives.

It is been already few years I skip this day (unfortunately)… Streets are full of people with books and roses, meeting friends and family, and the day is usually enough springy and long to fully enjoy it.

To honor this beautiful day I draw the homeland of Le Petit Prince, remembering Saint-Exupéry’s book, with the rose and a happy dragon. Actually I like more the dragon than Saint George and the princess, but that’s another story.

I wish you all a good day, and to those who celebrate Saint George, feliç Sant Jordi!