Monthly Archives: April 2015

Walk the path


This simple draw inspired me during a meditation evening, it remind me the path of life, and the following words bloomed in my mind:

From our birth to end of our life we encounter a certain number of stones in our path. The stones are meant to be the beautiful pavement of our journey on Earth. Every time you find a new stone, transform the new challenge into a blessing to step forward. Respect the stone, learn from it, find a place and step on it. The stones aren’t you. You are a light being, the miracle of life, unfolding slowly, opening to its biggest expression to finally come to a rest.

In this way we leave our brushstroke in the canvas of Creation.


To my dad


My dad likes the opera Madama Butterfly of Giacomo Puccini, and I draw my interpretation of it for him. On the left side there is half Japanese umbrella with the kanji for “love”, and on the right side half butterfly 🙂