About Sanshine

Hello dear reader 🙂 My name is Anna. This blog started with the idea of share thoughts, photos, and drawings, but seems that drawing took over the rest (happy for that). I’ve been for a long time, and I am still, in the science world, and I definitely overlooked at my artistic and creative side. I enjoy drawing something every day, or at least I try to do it daily. And in the broad picture I like incorporate art in all aspects of my life.

Be welcome to find on this blog mainly drawings, but also occasionally photos, and other artistic stuff. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to comment, correct, like or just say hello!


7 thoughts on “About Sanshine

  1. M’ha agraderia poder tindre un dels teus dibuxos . Aixi et tindre present cada dia.
    Son com molt relaxants.
    Ja sap qui t’estima

    1. Merci 😀 I tant que si, envíem per mail l’adreça que no la trobo per enlloc!
      A més a més, te’n faré un de personalitzat ❤

      Un besito!

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