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Walk the path


This simple draw inspired me during a meditation evening, it remind me the path of life, and the following words bloomed in my mind:

From our birth to end of our life we encounter a certain number of stones in our path. The stones are meant to be the beautiful pavement of our journey on Earth. Every time you find a new stone, transform the new challenge into a blessing to step forward. Respect the stone, learn from it, find a place and step on it. The stones aren’t you. You are a light being, the miracle of life, unfolding slowly, opening to its biggest expression to finally come to a rest.

In this way we leave our brushstroke in the canvas of Creation.


New Year’s motivations

New Year's motivations

I am not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, but I think that from time to time it is important and healthy do a balance of what is or is not happening in our lives.

I feel it is one of those moments now, and I would like to share with you the motivations that inspired me to think about my resolutions:

1) Which people I like or feel close – which are my attachments. I had very different experiences in the field of relationships in the last months, and assess with whom I spend my time and energy is essential.

2) What makes me feel light or heavy. Which activities make me feel good/bad? Are there new activities I’d like to do? Are the old or usual ones still good enough? What should go to the “trash bin”? With activities I mean from job to leisure, and from mundane tasks like clean the dishes to deep activities like meditation.

3) How the process of creation of myself is going. Am I happy with who or how I am now? Do I follow my values? Should I check my values and how I put them in action?

The photo is a moment in which I was sharing food and motivations!

Which are your motivations/resolutions (if any)?