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Give life some color

Give life some color

After some fight with layers, brushes and clicking the mouse in the wrong places… here we have the pumpkin with color.

Funnier than expected!


Absence of sound

Absence of sound

Have you ever experienced a complete or almost complete absence of sound?
I had few opportunities in my life to experience something really close to complete silence. One was last August when I was in Greenland collecting samples for my research. The arctic tundra and landscape, and the lack of any human trace allow to experience a deep connection with oneself, body, mind and soul.

I miss this silence, the stillness of thoughts, the contemplation of nature.

I took this photo by the end of August in East Greenland at about 71º North.

That’s the spirit

That's the spirit

My friend tree-in-front-of-my-flat (namely beech) has day by day less leaves. It prepares itself for the winter, for the stand-by mode until the first springy sunny days will show up.

It is amazing how the leaves change color every day, I could look at it for hours. How many greens, yellows and browns there are!

My friend stands there whatever the weather looks like, whatever the season it is, growing at its own pace, in harmony with Nature.

That’s it, in harmony with Nature. That’s the spirit.

In progress

In progress

Every Monday afternoon I have my ‘Illustration in Natural Sciences’ course. It is the first time I try some serious drawing, and so far… it is great use a different zone of my brain, and my fingers are happy to feel they can do more than clicking the mouse and the keyboard.

It is a very basic course, where we learn some drawing techniques and some “post production” with Photoshop or similar programs, but I am enjoying it a lot.

This is the first step of my final project, a beautiful reddish autumn leave!