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Art journey 33/108 days


This is part of an art journey of 108 days in which I am drawing and painting one 10×10 cm paper square every day – 20/10/2016.


Dream series – DS#1

Dream series - DS#1

After a short break, I am back for good!

For the next 6 weeks I will be in Cincinnati due to my work, and to keep going with the blog and drawing I decided that every morning during my coffee time I will draw something related to my dreams – while sleeping… because I am an active daydreamer and it would be too overwhelming 🙂

As I brought very basic drawing material (namely two pencils and a A6 sketch book), the point is not to spend too much time drawing but rather make it a game/habit/challenge, so the idea of starting my day in the dark that precedes the new day with a warm cup of coffee and a pencil is very appealing, and soon it will not be that dark anymore for early birds.

In case I won’t remember what I dream (or it is too weird to be drawn) then I will draw something about my daily life or I may post a photo.
I will start with yesterday’s dream, I couldn’t post it on time because of the internet connection.

I had a cool pair of glasses that allowed me see how much kind people is 😀 funny right? The kinder a person was, the bigger was a star glowing on his/her chest.