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Ginkgo carpet

Ginkgo carpet

Unique tree in its genus and species, the golden Ginkgo biloba leaves decorate delicately the grass in a courtyard protected from the wind.




Whenever I see this photo, I always look at it wondering who was there having some sparkling wine and water. Even more, what were they talking about? Were they chitchatting or deep thoughts filled their minds? Did they choose the bar randomly ? Are they now having dinner inside?

Inside, people, sound, light, food. Outside, nobody, silence, shadow, empty glasses. Two different time lines in a frame.

Unique as a Polaroid photo

Unique as a Polaroid photo

Did you ever use a Polaroid camera or do you still have one?

Recently I had the opportunity to use a one bought in a flee market. It had even some paper left. The surprise was when the camera printed the first photo… oops, the paper is damaged, damn! Also the following shots revealed a damaged paper and no photo at all. The second surprise was after few minutes… Look! There is something in the photo! Oh yeah. In the end appeared the image but not in the complete square, each photo has some damaged parts that did not reveal anything. Even more unique.

Almost all photos are unique, cannot be repeated in the same conditions, nevertheless nowadays we can copy-paste them, print as much copies as we want, photoshop them… But Polaroid photos are a treasure.

The photo of the post is me in a unique frame.

Next step, buy more Polaroid paper 🙂