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Wind rising

Wind rising

Today my dreams where too chaotic… I was not able to draw anything.

Instead, before going to bed yesterday I draw some wind mills, and coincidentally this morning the city wake up with windy and rainy weather. It’s a pleasure to breath outside the smells of wet earth, rain, and wind.

Spring is knocking the door…




This evening started to rain in Zurich. I love when it is time to go to bed and rains. The kind of rain that falls almost as a caress, following with no hurry the shape of the buildings, trees and people.

I love specially being in bed nicely covered, with the window slightly open and listen.The dripping sound of the water falling from the gutter to the balcony railing, the water running through the gutter, the rain drops on the leaves of the trees and the rain drops falling directly on the ground.

Like an improvised composition, a jam-session made by water falling in different ways, directed by Gravity and played by the Low-pressure System band.

In the photo there is part of the railing of my balcony with an old tea pot that collects rain water.

Nighty night…