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In love

Heartwarming. Awareness. I love these two words.



Soft words

Soft words

Few months ago, surfing the internet, happened that I read a tale I really liked. I tried to find who wrote it, even find it again, but so far, no success.

I guess it comes from India or at least it has roots in yoga or Buddhism… Here goes my version:

The master asked to his disciples “Do you know why two people whom are angry shout to each other?”.
One of the disciples answered “Maybe it is to make the other person understand better why he is so angry”.
The master replied “Then why doesn’t he talk as usual, considering the other person is not deaf? They shout to each other because it is in anger where our hearts are far away. In order to be sure our hearts can listen to each other when we are angry, we need to shout. The opposite happens when two people love each other, they usually talk very soft, sometimes they do not need neither to talk as their hearts are so close that they understand without words.”

I wish you all soft conversations!